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Animated SVG sunshine

Simple SVG animation with Lazy Line Painter

A run through on how to use Lazy Line Painter to bring animation to your SVG's.

2 years ago
The logo for WordCamp Bristol

Reviewing WordCamp Bristol 2019

The weekend of 17–19 May 2019 marked the second WordCamp to take place in our home city and the Atomic Smash team had a fantastic time getting involved in all…

3 years ago
One of our paper prototypes being used

How to use a paper prototype to design your new website

A paper prototype is a tool used before building prototypes digitally. The paper prototype is made up of blocks that correspond to sections on our websites. Print this paper prototype…

3 years ago
Mountain landscape with the

Blend modes in practical use

An insight into a realistic application of CSS blend modes.

3 years ago
A brand image for WordCamp Bristol 2019

Creating a visual identity for WordCamp Bristol 2019

In this post, Ben talks about overseeing the design and branding for the forthcoming WordCamp Bristol 2019

3 years ago
Become a member screen - How to personalise a members area in Axure

How to personalise a user’s sign up journey in Axure

Learn how you can personalise a members login area by passing a users name from the join screen to the welcome page.

3 years ago

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