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Atomic Smash head to WordCamp Edinburgh 2018

Words byPiers TincknellNovember 22, 2018

Last weekend we headed all the way up to sunny Scotland to take part in WordCamp Edinburgh. We have an amazing time, met lots of lovely people within the WordPress community and managed to learn a thing or two as well. This post will cover more around the event and what we got up to.

What is a WordCamp?

WordPress is an OpenSource project on the Internet, this means that the core of WordPress is contributed to by thousands of highly skilled people from all around the world. No one person is in control of WordPress, it relies on a community to ensure it continues to flourish and that bugs, issues and also new features are worked on regularly. Atomic Smash are a large part of the WordPress community in Bristol, we have contributed a number of talks at the regular WordPress MeetUp group and are always keen to share stories with other developers and designers in Bristol.

WordCamps are weekend packed with a number of very interesting talks and usually some workshops mixed in as well. It’s usually made up of designers, developers and content creators who are have an interest in WordPress. There is always a great range of experience at WordCamps so even if you are just getting into WordPress you should still head along

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The WordCamp hosted in Edinburgh was excellent, there were two tracks of talks. 1 was more technical and was aimed at developers, the other was not so technically heavy and was aimed more at user researchers, designers and content manager. It’s safe to say that there was a talk for everyone there.

Day 1:

Day 1 was an early start with registration opening at 8.15am and the sessions getting started at 9am.

Some of the talks available included:

What WordPress can learn from behavioural Psychology – How to Hack the Brain – Kenda Macdonald

Using Security Headers to help secure your site –Tim Nash

The User Experience and Accessibility of Gutenberg – Claire Brotherton

How I became a core contributor and an expert on WordPress transients – a developers story – David Artiss


Day 2:

This was spent with Workshops and a panel on Gutenberg, an incredibly hot topic at the moment. If you are not familiar with Gutenberg you can check out more information here.

I spent the morning setting up a new development environment on my machine using Laravel Valet Plus. This is a nice alternative to people who might not want to use MAMP or go as far as having a virtual machine setup on their machine.

What is Gutenberg?

Check out the latest news onGutenberg for WordPress

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Photos from WordCamp Edinburgh

Top tweets from the event

WordCamps happen all around the world.

They are a great opportunity to meet new people in the WordPress community.

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