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Automated browser testing – WordPress talk

David Darke, lead developer and co-founder at Atomic Smash recently gave a talk for a local WordPress Meetup.

3 years ago

How we backup WordPress websites

We reviewed the WordPress backup strategy used at Atomic Smash, this is what we found.

4 years ago
Atomic Smash talks

A modern WordPress development workflow – WordPress talk

David Darke, from the Atomic Smash team, did a WordPress talk at the Bristol Wordpress People meetup group.

4 years ago

What do I need to remember when adding an SSL?

Here is a checklist of tasks to remember what needs to be done before and after installing an SSL certificate on your website.

4 years ago

Planning WordPress development projects (2018 edition)

This is how Atomic Smash plans its larger WordPress development projects at the beginning of 2018.

4 years ago

How to clear your WordPress cache after saving a custom post

How to clear the cache of custom post types

4 years ago

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