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One of our paper prototypes being used

How to use a paper prototype to design your new website

A paper prototype is a tool used before building prototypes digitally. The paper prototype is made up of blocks that correspond to sections on our websites. Print this paper prototype…

3 years ago
Become a member screen - How to personalise a members area in Axure

How to personalise a user’s sign up journey in Axure

Learn how you can personalise a members login area by passing a users name from the join screen to the welcome page.

3 years ago

Atomic Smash is 8!

We recently celebrated our 8th birthday party at Atomic Smash, where we enjoyed sharing the evening with our clients and close friends.

3 years ago

My work experience week at Atomic Smash – Tom

We offer work experience to aspiring designers and developers, where we help them to understand what it is like to work in a successful design studio.

3 years ago
A website user with a variety of needs

How to understand your users’ goals and use them to influence your design

If your website can help its users with one or more of their goals, they will see value in your service and continue using it. Find out how you can…

3 years ago
planning for work experience image

How we plan for our work experience students

We are keen to help others grow and will go out of our way to encourage aspiring designers and developers, we offer work experience to students in Bristol.

3 years ago

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