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Using Apple News with your WordPress website

Words byColin GoodmanOctober 30, 2017

Since Apple News was released back in 2015, it has become an increasingly popular avenue for users and businesses to distribute their news through. In this post I will give you the steps you will need to follow to setup and start using Apple News for your WordPress website.

What is Apple News?

Apple News is a mobile app and news aggregator developed by Apple Inc, and was released alongside iOS 9 on September 16, 2015, for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Initially Apple News was only released in the U.S.A but has since been released to users in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The app itself works by pulling in news stories from the web through various feeds like RSS, which will sync to your Apple News channel that will allow users to view them within the app.

Now you know what exactly Apple News is, you can determine whether using it will be beneficial for your website. If you think using Apple News would be beneficial then please go ahead and follow the steps below to get started, please note these steps are aimed at you having a self hosted WordPress website.

Step 1

Firstly you will have to visit the news publisher page on the iCloud website and login using a existing Apple ID or by creating a new one, this is where you will have to agree to the T&C’s of using Apple News.

Once past the login stage you will be asked to provide details of the publisher and the channel itself. These steps are quite self explanatory but a step will come where you need to supply a type based image as your logo.  A type based logo is an image which would contain your site name in readable text format. It should have a transparent background, and the file size should be less than 2 MB.

The next step in the setup will ask you what format you want to use, either RSS or the Apple News format. For this walk through select the Apple News format, this will give you more features to use and you will be able monetise your content within Apple News.

After you have completed the setup of your channel you will be greeted by a thank you page for completing your Apple News application, you will now have to wait to hear back from Apple regarding the approval of your channel.

Step 2

Now that Apple has approved your Apple News application, you can start to submit articles from your WordPress website to the Apple News app.

As a bit of quality control from Apple you will have to submit your first article via your News Publisher account that you set up during step 1. This just allows Apple to manually review your first submitted article which can take some time, however once complete Apple News will automatically start showing articles from your RSS Feed.

As mentioned above we want to use the Apple News format so we need to install a plugin to allow us to have that capability. You will need to go ahead and install the Publish to Apple News plugin within your WordPress wesbite.

Once the plugin is installed you will have to activate it, upon activation you will have to fill in some details for it to be able to connect your channel to your website. You will need to provide your channel ID, API key ID and API key secret, these can all be found within you News Publisher account (refer to step 1).

The last step of the process after you have successfully provided the API information, is to setup how Apple News deals with your articles in WordPress. You will have the option to select what post types you want to be published to your news channel as well as being able to customise the look and feel of the text that is user when the article is being viewed using the Apple News application.

When you’re happy with the setup click save changes, and now Apple News will now start publishing your article in the Apple News Format.

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Colin Goodman

Colin works very closely with David and Ben on the front end development aspects within projects. He has an exceptional eye for detail and is constantly looking at new ways to code websites with the latest technologies available.

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