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Words byTommy ParkerDecember 10, 2015

Icons are an almost essential part of any UI or webdesign, but sometimes sourcing appropriate icons can be tricky. To help here are three options.


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Iconmonstr is run by a single contributor and is a personal portfolio of icons they’ve drawn. Because of this the selection isn’t vast but is growing almost daily. The quality and unified design style of every single icon on the site is fantastic. Every icon is available in png and svg. There are also handy collections to download too.

The Noun Project

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 15.24.16

If you want a massive range of icon designs and even styles, the noun project can’t be beaten. A large number are free to use, but some require a tiny payment. In most cases it’s definitely worth shelling out a couple of dollars to make sure your design has the icons it needs. Downloads are available in png and svg.


Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 15.22.58

IcoMoon is a different kettle of fish. This site essentially gives you access to all their available icons and you select a number to build a custom webfont for use on your website and designs. The site does all the compiling and provides you with everything you need to get going. The real power comes with dynamic styling. Because it’s a font, you can apply any css styling/animation you like. As a bonus, it also has compatibility right back to IE7.

All three sites have usage policies, so please check them out before downloading any files.

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