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Website Development Guardians for Room 13, Bristol

Words byPiers TincknellDecember 24, 2015

Atomic Smash have been given the responsibility and privilege of becoming the Website Development Guardians for Room 13 Hareclive in Bristol. Room 13 is an independent artists’ studio, based within the grounds of Hareclive primary School. The studio employs a professional artist-in-residence who helps facilitate the work of younger artists, providing an exchange of skills and experience across the ages. Children can go to the studio to draw, paint, collage, sculpt, take photographs, make films, research, read and work on the computer. In Room 13 they are free to follow their own ideas and work on creative projects.

We will be working closely with Room 13 on their future plans for their website development and we look forward to getting member of the committee involved to find out what they would like to see from their next website.

You can read more about Room 13 from their Website, you can also donate to Room 13 on their Local Giving page.

Young Artist Bristol

Young artist at work

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Piers Tincknell

Piers is a co-founder of Atomic Smash and heads up the user experience design and project management in the studio. He is also the best contact for any new business enquiries.

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