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WordPress Multisite

Words byColin GoodmanJune 17, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to use the WordPress multisite functionality for a client, so this post will hopefully give you a better idea of what it has to offer and my experiences using it.

So what is a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a great tool to have available to you and should be considered depending on the requirements of the project. The tool itself enables you to host more than one WordPress website within one WordPress install, sounds confusing so let me try and break it down.

So you may come across a situation where a client requires variants of the same website, this is where a WordPress Multisite could be considered. For example lets say a client named Awesome Events is hosting a lot of events and would like each event to have its own website but remain under the same domain. To do this using WordPress Multisite, you would only need one install of WordPress and to enable Multisite within the wp-config file then follow the simple instructions shown to you on screen.

Once all is setup you have various options available to you, one of the most important options is probably what kind of address structure you want to use which could be either sub-domains or sub-directories. Making this decision will make your address structure look like (sub-domains) or

Why to use a WordPress Multisite setup?

Well one cool advantage of using Multisite on this kind of project is that all your websites would be maintained and created in one place while only using one install of WordPress. So let’s say Awesome Events wanted 10 event sites completed, using Multisite WordPress would only have to be setup and hosted once. Whereas if you were to create all the event websites on separate installs of WordPress then you would manage them in 10 places not 1 while hosting all the websites on 10 separate domains.

There are more advantages to using WordPress Multisite one being since its part of WordPress the community can offer you lots of help and guidance and since its part of WordPress which is open source you can use it for free.

Personally I think WordPress Multisite is a great tool to have available to you and can be very powerful if used in the correct way.


This post defiantly did not cover all of what WordPress Multisite has to offer so please use the following links to gain a stronger knowledge of what a WordPress Multisite can offer. – No better place to start than looking at the WordPress site. – A good article on various topics of Mutlisite written by Brian Casel. – A very good and in depth article written by Rachel McCollin.

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Colin Goodman

Colin works very closely with David and Ben on the front end development aspects within projects. He has an exceptional eye for detail and is constantly looking at new ways to code websites with the latest technologies available.

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