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FD Works

Services delivered

  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • WordPress Development
  • Platform Integration
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Desktop image ofFD Works Wordpress project Mobile image ofFD Works Wordpress project

FD Works

Services delivered

  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • WordPress Development
  • Platform Integration
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New integrated WordPress website for FD Works

FD Works have grown as a company over the last number of years since Jon set the business up. They are quickly carving themselves a reputation in Bristol and the surrounding areas as an accountancy firm who like to do things a little differently. Acting as your whole finance department including your Financial Director, Jon and the team are able to help businesses look at their money and processes more strategically and help really make a difference to ambitious businesses.

What was needed?

Jon’s current website was really not hitting the mark anymore, not getting across their excellent offering. FD Works look to work with different businesses in different capacities and can also put together a tailored accountancy package to fit with exactly what the client needs. The old site didn’t present an optimised mobile experience and the blog was not flexible enough to allow them to create the kind of content rich articles that they desperately wanted to share with their community.

Jon is an innovator at heart and he felt that his website should be working harder for him. We talked at length about his internal processes and if he felt the website could help to streamline these. Together we came up with the idea of using Gravity Forms on the website to allow for FD Works to create client facing forms to help them capture vital information. Gravity Forms was then linked up with Zapier to allow for automated processes, saving FD Works from any duplicate effort and giving their clients an easy to use interface for sending complex information over to the team.

Integration with Gravity Forms and Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a free to use web tool that allows you to connect systems together easily online.

Read more on their website

Research and Planning

We arranged to have a planning day with Jon and the team from FD Works to help us uncover what it is that makes them so passionate about accountancy. This was a chance for us to spend time working together to understand who their clients currently are and also who they want to work with in the future. This information all feeds into the design of the project.

Together we identified three main offerings from FD Works.

User Needs
Clients who just want their basic accounts sorted and compliance boxes ticked.
Clients who need detailed reporting and better control of their finances.
Clients who need help with forecasting, commercial advice and a virtual Financial Director.

The FD Works team had already developed three excellent offerings that would allow for them to service these different clients. Our task was to make sure that the website helped to tell these potential clients about all the excellent skills and advice that FD Works would provide.

We spent a long time on this project researching around integration systems and how to get the most out of the website for Jon and the team. Jon is very interested in technology and so he was able to feed in very nicely to this stage of the project. Being very passionate about helping businesses become more efficient meant that Jon was keen to help his own staff become more efficient through clever use of technology.

Design Process

FD Works have a great brand to work with, they also have a great internal office culture that we wanted to try and bring out onto the website.

The general feeling for the new website was that it wanted to feel modern and take inspiration from current start-ups and technology businesses to show that FD Works are not your typical accountancy businesses. Not a suit or tie to be seen.

We put together a style guide that felt very modern and wanted to explore using a different colour to showcase each of FD Works offerings.

Digital brand colours developer for FD Works

We used some custom illustrations for the website to ensure that FD Works felt different to your typical accountancy firm.

A different illustration for each of FD Work's offerings

It was clear from our planning that the FD Works team had big plans for content marketing so we put extra time and energy into the “Insights” area of the website to ensure that it was designed and built in a way that allowed the user to quickly skim over the rich content. We also used some great design cues to help users read the articles and fully understand the content being served up. Tax and finance can be quite daunting for some people to try and get their head around but the FD Works team want to make it as easy to understand as possible.

WordPress designed website for Bristol local business FD Works

The Insights overview page designed to showcase FD Work's knowledge hub.

The website is developed on our Logsmith framework and we designed and built a WordPress custom theme tailored exactly to the requirements of FD Works.

We spent a long time developing a number of custom blocks for FD Works to use on their blog posts and website pages. With all of our sites we like to build in a modular approach which allows for clients to build posts and pages in a number of different ways.

We are launching Logsmith for public release

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In the development phase we also spent a large amount of time ensuring all the different components of Gravity Forms were styled up, allowing the FD Works team to use it to it’s potential.

As well as getting the most out of our page builder and gravity forms we also needed to come up with a solution for where FD Works could house their vast knowledge bank. Together we looked into Zendesk and decided that this would be the best solution instead of building another piece of bespoke functionality onto the WordPress installation.

As with all our projects we ensured that the experience was consistent across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Flexible Content

As with all our websites we strive to build a platform that is flexible for our clients to build up their pages based around their content. FD Works had already done a lot of thinking about this with Valuable Content in preparation for their project. A lot of clients don’t think about content until the end of the project and quite often there is a strong case for doing a lot of planning up front.

We designed some new content blocks specifically for FD Works. These included a new 50/50 block of text and images to help showcase the services offered and also a new step by step block to help clients understand the processes that FD Works run through.

On-going support and development

With all of our clients we like to enter into an on-going support and maintenance phase after the website is launched. With FD Works we are keen to continue developing the website further and think of better ways of integrating the website to save the company time and streamline processes.

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